No Dog Home is Immune to Life’s Curve Balls Pt 1

Financial Aid for Dog FamiliesMost if not all of us would agree that owning a dog should not be taken lightly. It should be with a readiness to make a lifelong commitment with this new family member. Just like all the other family members, dogs will have a level of financial burden that needs to be seriously considered. They will require veterinarian care, food & supplements, housing and for some, clothing to name a few responsibilities that come with dog ownership.

But even the best laid plans are prone to failure when life decides to throw a curve ball. A lost job, sudden and serious health issue, divorce or even death can leave families in a tailspin without hope of help. And while most if not all of us would agree the dog should stay with the family, sometimes that is not the best option for the dog.

Or is it? If more people were aware of the many organizations available to help families in financial hardship with a dog, maybe more dogs could stay put where they belong and out of the shelters and pounds. It could help the family dog from being the one to suffer when life takes a turn.

Well, there are such organizations out there. Ones that believe the best place for a dog is with their family through thick and thin. Some provide help with veterinarian care, others with food and some offer free and low cost neutering. These resources are invaluable to those in need and I dare say many in need don’t know they even exist.

Following is a list of organizations that are here to help dog owners in financial need. If you or someone you know could benefit from this list please do your part and spread the word. And if you can, pick one to donate to. Saving one family from losing their dog is worth the work! This is not an exhaustive list either, be sure to check your state and local area for other organizations as well.

National Resources for Pet Owners in Need:

Brown Dog Foundation: prescription medications
The Mosby Fund
The Onyx & Breezy Foundation
The Pet Fund
Pets of the Homeless: pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless
Red Rover Relief
Rose’s Fund
Shakespeare Animal Fund