No Dog Home is Immune to Life’s Curve Balls Pt 2

financial aid for dog illnessIn our first article on this subject we shared a fact that, if not, should be realized by all potential dog owners. That would be the notion that owning a dog should not be taken lightly. Rather, every new dog family should be informed and ready for making a lifelong commitment with a new dog. In this light, all need to realize that dogs come with their own level of financial burden in need of serious considered. Dogs require veterinarian care, food & supplements, housing and personal hygiene items to name a few major responsibilities of dog ownership.

And as we stated before, even with all this in consideration and with the best planning for all these expenses, like can throw a curve ball. Loss of a job, debilitating health issues, divorce or even death can leave families in a tailspin without hope of help. What could be worse? What if your dog is the one that contracts that illness? I mean we are ready to take the dog in for check ups and minor cuts or health issues, but what if your dog is the one that is diagnosed with an health issue that has treatments reaching well into the thousands of dollars.

This is a blow that all too many loving families cannot contend with leaving them with one choice, euthanasia. This is an option NO loving dog family wants to think about let alone have to actually deal with. How can we disagree? Your dog is a family member, but they aren’t covered by your health insurance and you do not have the income that will allow for that expenditure. What can you do?

We have some really good news for families that find themselves in these predicaments, but too many don’t even know they exist! There are organizations out there willing to lend a helping hand to those that qualify. Ones that don’t want any dog to be euthanized due to financial handicaps. These resources are invaluable to those in need and I dare say many in need don’t know they even exist.

Following is a list of organizations that are here to help dog owners in financial need. If you or someone you know could benefit from this list please do your part and spread the word. And if you can, pick one to donate to. Saving one family from losing their dog is worth the work! This is not an exhaustive list either, be sure to check your state and local area for other organizations as well.

National Resources for Pet Owners in Need:

The Big Hearts Fund: for the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline heart disease
Brown Dog Foundation: prescription medications
National Canine Cancer Foundation
God’s Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity
Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation
Magic Bullet Fund: cancer-specific
Paws 4 A Cure
The Pet Fund
The Riedel & Cody Fund: for pets suffering with cancer
Red Rover Relief: veterinarian care help
Rose’s Fund: veterinarian care
Top Dog Foundation “Bentley Grant”: for senior dogs