To Succeed with Your Agility Dog You have to Unwind

down time with your dogSometimes, nix that, most of the time we feel the tug of the clock on our day from rising in the morning to closing our eyes at night. It is a common problem especially in the USA that we over commit ourselves 24/7 and seldom look for help. We like to feel the accomplishment of having done something on our own, but we take it to the extreme or we feel we are imposing on others if we ask for help. It is funny because that is not where America came from. During the old west days whole towns would come together to help get a barn up because everyone knew that “many hands make light work.”

However, when we run ourselves into the ground trying to be all things to all people we lose something very important. We lose ourselves, our families and our dreams. We are so busy that even the enjoyable things in life have a time limit. We live life down to the wire, sprinting around and missing the little things in life. Our dogs get the short end of the stick as well. It’s no longer a leisurely walk to enjoy the great outdoors and each other, but rather a timed event that doesn’t allow for anything outside of the schedule

Some would say we live on adrenaline, that we actually thrive on it, but do you really feel like your thriving in this lifestyle? Don’t feel like you are one misstep away from your whole day being ruined or one forgotten event away from losing your mind?

No, you feel exhausted and not the physical exhaustion that brings restful sleep but rather the mental exhaustion that keeps you from sleep. Then you look down into your dog’s face and wonder why they look at you like you are crazy when you are trying to “just get through the course.”  They have no clue why those pet store visits now require running to and from the car. But they try to help lighten the moment by grabbing the bag, racing you and pulling you with the leash or even tripping you up trying to get your attention. Only to get yelled at that it’s not play time.

In our hectic lives we push things to the wire because we feel we have to do it all and all by ourselves. Try to relax as you read this next statement, there is no easy fix for modern day mania. There is a way to combat it everyday though. A way to keep what’s important at the forefront of all you do. When you feel that familiar sensation that you don’t have enough time to breath, look down at your dog and live in the moment with him. There is nothing in life that can’t wait for 20 mins while your recharge. Your dog will know you have given him your full attention and will come alive, too. He comes alive in response to you, to being with you not just occupying the same space. Whether it be flying across the parking lot, racing around the agility course or just lying on the couch, you will never regret spending down time completely plugged into your dog. Those moments are the most rewarding moments imaginable for me, and I’ll bet they’re your best moments too.

Today, live in the moment with your dog, just for a little.  Let the wire go – you’ll get there when you get there!