Who Keeps Track of My Dog’s Agility Points

keeping dog agility scoreAll venues have their own system for keeping track of the points your dog has accumulated. For example the AKC has a computer system that keeps track of all qualifying scores and points earned in all their sports. If you would like to see your dog’s standings with the AKC simply go to www.akc.org click on the “EVENTS” tab and click the desired event such as “AGILITY.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “POINTS & AWARDS” box. From there you will be directed to login, create an account or continue as a guest.

From this point you can login, create your account or search for the dog and purchase the online only report. If you login you will follow the prompts to either obtain your records or construct a report to your specifications. CAUTION: Read the fine print – Please Note: This is an online-only report and will not be mailed, emailed or otherwise sent to you. For a permanent copy, save the report to your hard drive. We do not issue refunds for printing problems.

Every agility handler should keep their own points records and check in with the AKC site from time to time to assure errors have not been made by either party. The sooner mistakes are found the easier they are to rectify. It is always a good idea to confirm your scores at the trials you attend.

If you need a record book you can order one up from Affordable Agility and get started right on keeping your scores on target. This record book is formatted for the AKC, USDAA, NADAC, UKC, and CPE. (Less common venues such as AAC, ASCA, CKC, DOCNA, Sweepstakes, and TDAA are available for special order)