There is Always Room for Dog Agility

travel teeterYou have fallen in love with dog agility and want to get started. But, alas, there is no way for you to practice agility at home in your tiny house or apartment. Or, you have a small yard or local park, but there is a foot of snow on the ground. We have great ideas for you to help you get your agility career started!

We won’t lie to you, at some time you need to practice on full-sized equipment if you intend to compete in any way with your dog. With a bit of creativity and signing up with a club for classes, you can grab the agility bull by the horns and get started on your dog agility career.

  • Classes There are so many benefits from working with a group even if you don’t intend to compete, but when you are, the benefits are countless. You get an outside view, full sized equipment (indoors in areas of harsh climates), help from other competitors and maybe the best factor is the support from other enthusiasts.
  • Small Jumps  Affordable Agility offers a line of travel jumps and the Agility in a Bag as practice options for small spaces inside or out. Plus, as the name states, they are easy to take to a park or friend’s yard to get more space. And because they are made for travel, they’re easy to pack up and store even in limited space.
  • Tiny Teeter Options (and more) Very few people have the room for a full-sized A-frame and Dog-walk, but that doesn’t mean you cannot work on the elements of solid contacts.  With the help of Affordable Agility’s contact trainer you can work your A-frame on one side and Dog-walk on the other! Not only can you work on your contacts, it also gets your dog acclimated to different surfaces. If you are running a smaller dog, Affordable Agility’s mini travel teeter will be a great piece of equipment for you . It is portable, light weight but hardy enough to last for years.
  • Steps as Contacts If you live in a home with stairs or can access them during a walk, you can practice contacts. Really all you need is one step in order to teach your dog a 2on 2off position. In fact, you can use boxes, books or other items and build yourself an step. Get out your target and get to work!

This is not an exhaustive list so if you have more creative solutions for practicing agility in a small area we would love to hear them. Just scroll down and leave it in the comments area.