Valentine’s Day Puppy Love

valentine's day dogWe can all agree that Valentine’s Day is all about love. It has long ago become more than just a day for lovers and now envelops any and all who just want to spread a bit of happiness to those around them. From notes to flowers and chocolates to expensive jewelry, there is no end to the possibilities. Unfortunately, this day of giving gifts is too often is advertised with puppies and kittens as the perfect show of affection.

With that in mind, we would like to suggest that you don’t impulse buy a little bundle of joy for someone that may not be ready for a lifelong commitment. Bringing a new family member into the house should always be planned and prepared for. And when it comes to a new dog we would also like to propose that you check your local shelters before buying. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder, there are few homes that can or will accommodate a rescue dog.

No one relishes the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day, especially dogs that have lost their families for one reason or another. It would be a dog’s best Valentine’s Day ever to get a new family as a gift. Many, many shelter dogs have been given a new lease on life and proven themselves stellar agility dogs as well. If you are willing and able to adopt it will only be a small part of your life, but it will be the world to that lucky dog.

Consider making some dog’s life a happier place and adopt this Valentine’s day – introduce your new love to agility and together, explore the wonders of the world. There is always another puppy to buy, but only one life for a shelter dog to live in a loving home.