Agility Dogs and Allergies can be Dangerous

dog allergiesWe all get a bit tired of the winter weather regardless if you are dealing with rain or snow. Both cause missed days of dog agility and that can make even the most relaxed agility team, well, moody. So, it is no surprise that we get so excited about the coming warm weather of spring. However, for some spring brings on a whole new set of issues with the rise in pollen, dust and even mold spores as well as fleas and ticks.

It is hard to believe dogs can have severe reactions to airborne allergens just like us, but indeed they do. It can cause itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing, itchy skin and even hair loss. It can also cause more severe issues that turn your amazing agility dog into a raging tyrant. Allergies, airborne or ingested, can also cause ADD as well as aggression issues in dogs and has often times been misdiagnosed as a training or mental issue.

Countless dogs have gotten a new lease on life just by being properly diagnosed with allergies. If your dog shows some odd behaviors or if you have a new rescue, it is a super idea to have them tested for common allergies first as it may be a simple cure like a feed change or steering clear of the pepper trees. It is also a wallet saver should your dog test positive before going to more costly testing or behavior training.

Once your dog is properly diagnosed with allergies you can then proceed to conventional or holistic approaches to your dog’s symptoms. Of course, the best medicine is prevention by keeping your dog away from ingested allergens and when possible away from airborne allergies as well. However, when it comes to competition, you are not always in control of triggers so you need to be prepared in the event a location exposes your dog to their triggers.

Your vet will be able to help you with conventional treatments and we would like to suggest as a starting point for using non-drug, natural remedies for your dog. Also, we would like to point out that many flea and tick treatments can be allergens to your pets as well. There are many natural repellents and traps you can use for those pesky parasites that start waking up in the spring as well. We would also like to take this time to stress that dogs and cats are vastly different in both conventional and holistic treatments. If you have both, please take the time to find products and procedures that are safe for both. Never use conventional flea treatments on a cat, you can kill them.

If you have holistic methods or treatments that work well for you and your dog, we would love to hear about them. Others may find the same relief for their families. Just scroll down to the comments area and leave your replies there and lets help each other win the fight against allergies in the safest way possible.