You Can run your Agility Dog like the Pros

dog agility course mapWith the 21st Annual FCI World Agility Championship right around the corner you may not think there is anything in these events for you and your team. You couldn’t be more wrong. These big events are full of opportunity no matter what level you hope to achieve with your dog. The biggest asset is the course maps. Past FCI, as well as other venue, course maps, can be found all over the internet for viewing and printing.

It doesn’t matter what your aspirations are when it comes to dog agility, as long as you are always striving to make your team better. One of the best ways to do this is to set up courses to run with your dog. This helps you learn how to move around different courses in a way that promotes your team’s strengths and strengthens your weaknesses. If you don’t have a large area or enough equipment, take lines out of the courses and run the course in pieces. Why should you use course maps from other events? It keeps you honest. If you set up your own courses all the time you will be prone to avoiding your weaknesses and you will be limited by your experience and knowledge in course setting.

To help you get started, we found a few good sources of almost unlimited supply of course maps.

Dog Agility Course Maps

Agility Course Maps

Foxi’s Agility  It is German so click on Parcours on the top menu panel. Click alle Parcoursplane in the left side menu which will give you a drop down to pick courses from.

FCI Agility WC 2009  Oldies but goodies.

That should keep you busy for quite some time and you can mix and match courses to produce your own challenges. Just make sure you include the lines you and your dog have difficulties with so you can grow as a team.