Cool Ideas for Beating the Heat at Dog Agility Competitions

keep dogs coolSummer dog agility competition holds its own challenges with heat, bugs, and allergies. Plus, you have to keep an eye on your dogs as well. Many dogs have to forgo summer competitions, at least the ones that are outside, as they just cannot tolerate the heat. Well, I read a great idea to help keep you pups cool in their metal crates that just might be the ticket so you can enjoy summer agility, too.

Mind you this works best on metal bottom crates, though you could use them in x-pens or other crates as well. It just won’t have the full affect. Just take at least two liter bottles and fill them 90% full then freeze them solid. Be sure to leave enough free room for expansion or the bottle will burst as it freezes. Then place the bottles on the metal floor. The cold temperature will disperse through the metal and cool the entire floor.

Some dogs will lay next to the bottles as well and even lick off the condensation, plus, as the bottle thaws it can double as cold drinking water. Just be sure it isn’t too cold for your dog. You may need to mix it with some warmer water to ensure your dog keeps drinking.

One of our subscribers, Flying Bichon, also recommended using the Cool Vest for keeping dogs cool. They said, “I highly recommend the Cool Vest for keeping your dog cool. Unlike other cool coats this one actually keeps the dog dry. You soak it in ice water, wipe off the inner layer and it stays very cool for about an hour. Also unlike the cool coats it wraps around their entire chest cooling the blood going in and out of the heart. Mulligan is very heat sensitive but even on a 90 degree day if he wears the vest until the minute we enter the ring he is fine.”

Hope these ideas can help your dog stay cool as things heat up and allows you to enjoy dog agility longer. If you have ideas or tricks you use to keep you and your dog cool during summer competitions, we would love to hear them. Just scroll down to the comments and leave your helpful ideas for other to read.