Great Place for Dog Agility Chutes and Barrels

dog agility chuteYou may think that finding a competition barrel has to be a nightmare and that is just the start of it with with tedious prepping to follow once you have gotten your new barrel. We at Affordable Agility want you to know it does not have to be that way. We want to introduce you to our no-roll barrel with traction with the extra benefit of shipping via standard UPS! All you have to do after ordering your barrel is to pick a chute and you are ready to go!


  • Sturdy rim on the exit end will hold any chute you put on it.
  • Full circumference foam protection on the entrance end will protect your dogs head as well as feet against painful mishaps.
  • Venue approved 22″ inner diameter and 22” overall length.
  • Interior rubber skin for traction and cushioning for even the fastest runners.
  • Full barrel frame for barrel security and protection from warping in the sun.
  • One piece design for easy moving of the barrel on the field.
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to go.
  • Designed to ship by regular UPS, no oversized fees or special handling!

The chute is it’s own obstacle and though you may find ways to work around it, you don’t have to with our affordable practice combo chute and barrel. It even comes with it’s own carry bag so you can take it with you to the park or a friends house to practice.

Both make training the chute easy with the ability to remove the chute or replace with a shorter chute. Remember, your dog must learn to drive straight through the chute to avoid tangling up in the chute n the exit. There are many ways to train this with the most common being to start the dog on the barrel alone, teaching them to drive straight through beyond the distance of the chute. Then adding the chute without letting it close and teaching them to drive through while gradually closing the end as they progress.

When working or competing, resist the urge to direct your dog while still in the chute as it could cause your dog to turn toward your voice before exit and thus getting tangled. This is especially true if you are not running with your dog as they go through the chute.

We suggest you also teach your dog how to work a damp chute if you live in areas where there is a lot of condensation. Start slow with a short chute and teach your dog to push through after they are confident with the chute performance. You don’t need water, just place a small light weight cloth on the chute and  gradually make the weight heavier. Let your dog be your guide. You never want to make it too heavy too fast or your dog may loose confidence and start refusing the chute.