Air Travel Options for Your Agility Dogs

flying agility dogsBack in 2009 we learned about a pet transportation service that flies your pets in a specialized jet called Pet Airways. Started by a couple back then, we are happy to say they are still alive and thriving today. Though they now have some competition in pet shipping via the air.

We got some comments on our original post that did raise some good questions. Some of you would still rather fly with your pet. Though we are sure these business have great security measures, I would not want to land in Hawaii only to find my dog went to New York, or worse my dog is not the dog they deliver.

Still, understanding this can happen when your dog is shipped with you on a “normal” airline, is it worth the peace of mind that your dog is riding in the main cab and not the cargo hold of a plane? While many airlines have tried to improve their animal handling policies, do you really know what is happening with your pets?

They even offer pick-up, delivery, and boarding of your pets. This would most likely be used by those that are relocating and maybe even driving a moving truck to their new residency. They operate like a private airline, eliminating long lines and security checkpoints. They have well-lit, climate controlled cabins with proper air circulation for comfort and safety. They are checked on by attendants on a regular schedule as well.

And while Pet Airways was new back in 2009, we learned there has been this service by another company called Pet Air since 1976. There is a third company PAC or Pet Air Carriers who did their first international animal shipment back in 1957. So, if this is a service you could use, be sure to do your homework and find the best company for your needs.

It sounds like a good option for many whose animals are too large to ride in the cabin of commercial airlines or those with numerous animals so they can be shipped together.