Be Prepared for Emergencies

first aid kitWe don’t like to think about emergencies, but fall is the season for many areas to experience fires, floods, and other acts of God that can cause emergency situations. Followed closely by winter which has it’s own set of issues including blizzards and ice storms.

If you do a little planning now, it will help keep stress levels down if and when you find yourself in an emergency situation. It can also make a huge difference in outcome for you and your pet.

Here’s a list of items you should keep together in a safe place, easy to get to in an emergency. In the event you are not home when tragedy strikes, keep all items in a place easily accessible by a friend or neighbor.

  • ID – make sure your pets have and wear ID tags and microchips as well.
  • Papers – vaccination records,  especially rabies, identification papers
  • Water and bowls – several gallons of water allocated for your pets is a good idea.
  • Several days worth of food in sealed containers
  • Carriers and crates in a handy place
  • Blankets (in colder climate, keep blankets, water and snacks in each car)
  • First aid kits with pet supplies
  • Up to date photos of each of your pets
  • Kitty litter and disposable pan, for those who have cats
  • Leashes/harnesses

What else can you think of to include?  The ASPCA has more information here.