Aged Dog Dog Agility

Aged agility dogMany dog agility competitors discover agility later in their dog’s life and that is super. Dog agility is open to anyone and any dog that is physically capable. In fact, paragility is for handlers with disabilities and there are many classes for dogs that can no longer jump and climb. This could be from age or injury. So, don’t think you have to get a puppy to enjoy dog agility. We do suggest if your dog is older to get clearance from your veterinarian first to learn if your dog has any limitations. Then you can choose a venue and division that will work best for you and your dog.

We researched the major players in the Agility Field- AKC, USDAA, NADAC, and CBE, and found some classes that are designed just for older dogs and/or handlers.

AKC (7 years or older) has a ‘preferred’ class, where the dogs run a jump height lower than they measure in at, and have a two class per day limit.

USDAA  performance class has no age limit, and four inches lower jumps, with no spread jumps and a lower A-frame.  This is a mercy for the really big dogs who love agility.

NADAC (7 years or older) and CBE (6 years and older) have veteran’s class, where jumps are lowered four inches from their measured jump height.  CBE, to my great pleasure allows for ‘early’ allowance into their veterans’ class for certain dog breeds.  That’s a wonderful thing for the giant breeds, since they have such a short ‘prime’.