Combining Wired Weaves and Channel Weaves

Dog Agility WeavingWe sometimes get the question on the value of using our wire guides along with our VersaWeaves. If you don’t already know, the VersaWeaves is a cross between channel weaves and 2 x 2 methods. It allows for trainers to choose between the two methods with the same piece of equipment. Pretty nice as the two concepts are very similar, but different dogs do better with different methods. The VersaWeaves also has the added benefit of transforming into a full-fledged competition set when all the poles are in a straight line. So, really it is a 3-in-1 design. Let’s get back to the question.

Though many find the channel method to be their favorite method of teaching weaves, it can have problems if it is rushed. The channel should be slowly and methodically taken from a wide channel down to the the single line to avoid issues of the dog “popping out.” However, new trainers and fast learning dogs can fall into the trap of rushing the process.

You may not know you have a problem for some time, then at a competition your smooth weaving dog may miss a pole, entry, exit, or flat out leave the weaves. It may not be consistent either, making it all the more frustrating. In this case it would be highly beneficial to use the guide wires where your dog is having the issue.

This way your dog is still completing the weaves in a straight line, you are just giving them some help in the spot they are having a problem with. Some will even use the wires to enforce the entries/exits when the weaves are in a line for all methods used.

So the answer is that the wires make a great addition to your VersaWeaves or any other weave poles that you have decided to train with.