Dog Agility Travel Crate

dog travel crateThe experience of others can save you a pile of heartbreak, especially when talking about dog agility. From how to start your dog to tricks of the trade in competing, you should always be open to suggestions from the “pro.” One of those tips is what to take to contain your dog at the trial.

If you are going to be at the trial for any amount of time, it will do you good to have either an x-pen or a crate. And this is where experience comes into play. Toting around a heavy or awkward crate while holding your dog(s) can prove to be highly stressful. The alternative sometimes being holding your dog for the entire time.

When you are a tiny person with a large, strong and active dog, this isn’t a great option. Some kennels are far to costly for the dog agility new comer and that’s where we have bridged the gap with our light weight, durable, and affordable Popup kennel.

The popup kennel will keep your dog secure and many times add to their confidence knowing they are secure. Be sure you introduce your dog to the kennel at home and make it a fun and inviting place for your dog. Then when you go away from home, it will be a little piece of home for your dog.