What’s in a Dog Name? Pt 2

My agility dog is named “Snuggles.” We got her as a foster at age two and she came with that name. Since we weren’t planning on keeping her, we did not change her name. When she learned weave poles in two weeks, I knew that I had found my agility dog! Once we decided to keep her, we were going to change her name to something more tough and speedy, but Snuggles just fit so well, we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.

Faith says:

I really like dog names that fit and go together. I have a friend who has Cleo (a lab) and Cesar (a PBGV). Another friend had two rescues named Bonnie and Clyde.

When my husband and I decided to get puppies (not thinking of agility then) he got a Scottish terrier and I got a Corgi. I had originally thought of calling them Butch and Sundance, but the terrier somehow missed the terrier gene, as he’s shy and laid back, and just isn’t Butch enough for the name. Since the Scotty is a brindle, we called him Smokey so of course the Corgi became Bandit.

Both dogs are doing agility, and all the workers at the trial know Smokey and Bandit.