Give Your Agility Dog a Part in Decorating for Christmas

christmas lights dog agilityWe like to say that our dog’s are a part of the family, but what about when it’s time to decorate the Christmas Tree? There is a lot for a dog to get into trouble with from people moving about carrying decorations to cookies and cocoa being set down and forgotten. Many times the dog is being scolded for getting underfoot or they are completely ignored. We want to give you some ideas to keep your dog under control and a part of the family traditions.

  • If your dog is the fetch and carry type, let him/her fetch and carry things he CAN fetch and carry. Non-glass ornaments, a roll of garland- anything you think he’ll carry for you, let him!
  • If your dog doesn’t like that responsibility, work on your dogs’ ‘heel’ and ‘wait’.  Your dog can walk with you as you are fetching decorations or wait on his bed (in the same room) when he might be in the way. You can give him a bone or treat to munch while he waits.
  • If your dog simply gets too excited, try distracting him with a dog I.Q. hidden treat interactive game or snuffle mat while you work!  Dogs love to work for their food, and this is a great way of keeping him fed, occupied, and busy while you are decorating.
  • Don’t forget to take ‘play’ breaks for all of you, and go for a walk in the snow after the tree is up.  See if you can see your tree through the window.  Remember, it’s all about how much you enjoyed making it pretty and how you spent time with your family doing so.

Now that the house is decorated- let’s go outside to your agility course, which I’m sure your neighbors love!  Take all the extra lights and garland with you, you’ll need it!

  • A fun idea is to wrap your jumps in lights and have a light-up agility course
  • If electricity isn’t something you want on your course, then wrap your jumps in pretty garland
  • Don’t forget your wings!  Use small Christmas trees as wings for your obstacles, and decorate them as you like.
  • Have your Santa and sleigh go up the side (or under) the dogwalk.  That’s not something you see every day!!!
  • If you don’t have too much snow, and do light up your course, try a ‘night run with your dog with the Christmas lights on the course.
  • Intersperse your jumps with non-contact obstacles such as light-up deer and blow-up snowmen!

After you’re done decorating indoors and out, run a course with your dog!  You both deserve to relax and have some fun now.