How To Make Dog Agility Practice Profitable

profitable dog agility practiceYou may see similarities in courses, but you will never see the same course twice so don’t fall into the trap of practicing the same course at home.  Not only should you change the order of your obstacles, but you should also have a plan every time you set foot on your practice course. Your dog needs direction from you and without that you both will be running aimlessly around the yard.

Some great ways to keep you and your dog practicing in a learning environment is the use of numbered cones. This will help you develop a sequence, as well as having a starting point and an ending point. It will also force you to plan your lines and flow while creating the course as well as how to run them before starting your practice.

If you need ideas for lines and courses there are many sources to help keep you creative. We would like to remind you to try courses past your level of competition for a couple reasons. One being it will help you try new and harder lines and handling which will grow your team. It will also improve your performance at your current level as it builds your skill and confidence. For more ideas you can check out our other article on course ideas and sources here.

Not only will cones keep you specific and thinking, they along with marker poles will help to replicate a real trial. It will help your dog to know what he’s getting into. And as far as having a plan, there are many great resources and ideas for courses that are free for trying. Click here to read more, and check here for training a great start line with your dog!