Spring Cleaning Dog Agility Style

Spring is now here and if you haven’t already, it’s time to do some dog agility equipment maintenance. If you took the time to treat your equipment before winter, then you will be ahead of the game. If you live in a climate that allows for practice pretty much year round, now is the time to do some maintenance work before the big competitions start.

  • Change the course Getting into a rut is easy to do if you work and just don’t have the time to change your courses every practice. Now is the time to make those changes for the new year. Not only that, you and your dog need new challenges as you become a better and stronger team. Go a little wild. You will never know what you can do if you don’t challenge you and your dog.
  • Treat your wood Even if you stored your equipment over winter, it is always best to give all your equipment a once over. All wood surfaces need care, so check for cracks and splits that may need caulking. Repaint now if the contacts need them, or consider adding rubber contact coat!
  • Check your edges and tape The best way to check for splinters is to wipe down all your surfaces with a clean rag. If the rag catches, get some sandpaper and sand the rough edges smooth. If tape is unraveling, completely remove and wipe the bar or weave with goo gone. Now your pole/bar is ready for new tape. Remember that dangling tape can get caught in fur and scare your dog.
  • Add some color! If you need to replace your tape, now is a great time to consider changing colors, as well!  We’ve got a wide selection to offer, and many of our obstacles come in color choices like vibrant blue, radical red, and sunny yellow.  If you’re planning on adding a jump, using a variety of colors, shapes, and styles helps proof your dog for competition.
  • Wipe down your tunnels check your tunnels for uneven wear and flip them.  Vacuum them out if they’re dirty and furry. Wipe them clean with soap and water and put them in the sun in a dry spot to dry, fully extended.

Can you think of anything we missed that needs to be done for spring agility set-up?