Dog Agility Practice can Happen in Small Places

dog agility teeter boardIf you are thinking you would really like to try dog agility, but don’t think you can practice in your little house, apartment, or postage stamp yard, we have have some tips to help you succeed.

You do need to get your dog on full-sized equipment some time before they compete, but that is no reason not to start. You can grab the agility bull by the horns by taking classes and using some creativity.

  • Classes Are going to have competition equipment for you to use during class, but what about at home? Some clubs have open or drop in sessions during the week and some dog parks have agility equipment you can use.
  • Small Jumps¬† If you have a living room or hallway, you have room for a couple jumps and Affordable Agility offers a line of travel jumps and the Agility in a Bag as practice options. Not only can you use this in your small space, you can take it to a local park, friend’s yard, or open field to practice. If you practice indoors, give your dog traction by using on carpet or using runner rugs.
  • Other Small Options While you may not be able to have an a-frame or dogwalk in your home or yard, consider a contact trainer¬† This allows you to work on your contacts for both the a-frame and the dogwalk in about as much room as a dining-room table. For smaller dogs, we also offer the mini travel teeter that will fit in your trunk as well as a full line of TDAA equipment!
  • Steps as Contacts Another option for contact training is stairs or phone books. Treat the steps down the same as the downside of your contact and place your contact for the 2on 2off position off the last step or book.
  • Body Awareness Exercises that focus on body awareness can be done in just about any space as well as trick training, all that build your bond and teach your dog how to manipulate their body.
  • Walks A good long walk helps you build your relationship with your dog and conditions them when you add some swimming, retrieving, jogging or hill climbing.

Were there is a will there is a way and while you may not have unlimited access to competition level equipment, you can still prepare your dog for agility is tight quarters.