Does Your Dog Love Dog Agility Tunnels

loving dog agility tunnelsIt doesn’t take long for some dogs to make it perfectly clear what their favorite dog agility obstacle is. For many they would say, if they could talk, that it is indeed the tunnel. There is just something about the tunnel that makes some dogs giddy with excitement. In fact, some will run in & out faster and faster just for the reason that they can.

With all the new tunnel games different venues are adding, it is getting easier to give tunnel sucks a game they go wild for. And for those of us that have dogs that love tunnels we scheme and plan for ways to get more tunnels at home for our dogs to enjoy.

We loved the stories you shared about your tunnel loving dogs as well and just had to share them so others can know it really is a common malady and it can be leveraged to our advantage when it comes to training.

LisaH shared:

One loves the weave poles, all jumps, tunnels, basically everything but the table ….. just too boring I guess 🙂 And the younger one can get sucked into the tunnels. It reminds me of a pinball machine when they get going, shooting in and out at high speed.

Sandi shared:

My Sheltie, Amber, also loves the tunnel. I just smile inside and out watching her having so much fun!!!

Mardi Harrison

I have two practice tunnels in the backyard, and my dogs love to chase each other through them. When I play tug with Bandit, he likes to take his toy into the tunnel, and then tease me by coming to the edge, and withdrawing when I make a lunge for the toy.

Mickey shared:

My dog Cheyenne, a sheltie/pom, is crazy for tunnels as well. It was the first event she qualified in at NADAC and still her favorite. She can get the “zoomies” and still stay on course.


My sheltie also loves tunnels, though he seems almost equally taken with the dogwalk. Once, there was some gunfire in a field near the park in which our agility classes were being held. A shot rang out just as my doggie started the course. He went over the first jump, into the tunnel…and suddenly, my instructor said, “I don’t know where your dog went!” I did; he was in the tunnel, hiding from the gunfire!

cmespo56 shared:

I have 3 terriers and that is the most fun they have at agility training is the tunnels. So what I do is if they are not so good in something and we have time after class, we practice on the not so good and then when they do the behavior on the equipment they are supposed to, I end the class with letting them go in and out of the tunnels a couple of times. It lets them know that when they give an appropriate behavior on an obstacle, they then get to play and it makes all the difference in the world! I wish I had a bigger yard to have some equipment.