How Our Dogs Make Us Happy

A little off topic, but completely spot on, are the answers you gave us a while ago when we asked what your dogs do to brighten your day. You know, those things that they just do because they are dogs and love being around you. Those things that take away the cares of this world for a moment as we enjoy the unconditional love of our dogs.

Faunadael says:

Our Bluetick Coonhound is so typical of other Coonies: goofy, sensitive, entertaining and so much fun! He LOVES clicker training and we are starting Agility training. His enthusiasm makes me smile. When teaching him “to play dead,” he had a hard time lying on his side being perfectly still. (Um…”dead” dogs don’t wag their tails!) Of all the dogs I’ve trained, he makes me laugh the most.

Kernsmadhouse says:

Our sweet Cookie-monster (sheltie) is a hoot. She runs everywhere, loves to talk with grumbles and groans and whines. She is a sneak and will steal clothing and take it outside, never chews it, just takes it. Never a dull moment with this little girl.

Sandi Stephens says:

When I return home, my dogs always greet me with the same message, weather I’ve been gone 20 minutes or all day – “Mom, where have you been? We missed you!!” How can I not smile??

Gregg Freyland says:

Every morning when I come home from work Laine, my Collie, looks up at me from his blanket in the kitchen and his eyes just say “come and hug me Daddy.” As I do, he nibbles on my ears and tugs at my hair…gently, of course. As he stands up with his tail wagging he stretches for me as if to say “is it time to go play?” He loves his agility course and can’t get enough. We both hope for warmer weather with no snow on the ground. We practice as soon as the sun rises every day.

Michelle says:

Rocky brightens my day, everyday, when I come home from work. He tells me how his day was by talking to me in dog speak. Then he “wiggles” his bottom and greats me. I can almost imagine what he is saying when I walk through the door. I know no matter what a bad day I had he always will put a smile on my face.

Alcats15 says:

Beezer my first dog ever is a JRT. He is a very active sort of fellow. A few years ago we had an agility trial on my birthday and it was one of his first trials and honestly I was sure he wasn’t going to do anything but zoomies. But that day he got Q’s in all his runs! He made it my best birthday ever!

LISA says:

My ‘boxer bunch’ wakes me in the morning and greets me in the evenings when I come in from work. Lacey grabs her ‘jolly ball’, Sadie B grabs her frisbee, and Zip Man is wiggling his nub!
We head outside for a little romp. Sadie B is a frisbe boxer. We throw the frisbee for about 5 or 6 times. She catches it with out fail. Lacey runs with her jolly ball almost falling over it. Zippy is just a happy boy and hangs out with the girls. My dogs make me happy no matter what the weather…even in the snow…the run run run! Thank God for my Boxers!

DustyDuckDog says:

My Weim is my hairy alarm clock making sure that even if the electricity is off, due to a bad snow storm, that I am up in time to get ready for work. The best part of the day is when I return home to my happy girls. No matter how bad a day I have had, my Weim and labs greet me with toys and happy faces wanting to play.

WagMore says:

The weather outside is frightful! But slogging along in coat, scarf, hat, mittens and boots, Gracie and Gretel grin up at me, so happy to be out playing with me in the snow! There are no “bad-weather days” when you are a Berner in Alaska!

LisaH says:

It’s easier getting up on these bitterly cold (WI) mornings when I have the dogs to snuggle and who are so deliriously happy to be up and face a new day. 1st we snuggle in bed then once I am up I will go sit on the floor in the dining room and one will either back into or walk head down into my chest then melts into my lap for more love, while the other sits inches away also angling for some love and makes rooooo noises while waiting! They always brighten my day with their playing, and the more I laugh the more they run and prance with their toys.

Julie says:

My Dalmatian makes me laugh all the time. She brings me her (and all the others) bowl when she thinks its time to eat. She brings a toy or bone as a gift when she wants in my lap. When she has missed me, she gives me hugs and smushes her face in mine.

Kate V says:

My dogs always make my day better, just by being with me. I remember one day I had a particularly terrible day at work. I was frustrated and in a generally bad mood. I stopped on the way home at the pet store because I had some coupons that were about to expire. I walked out with way more toys and treats than I had planned on picking up. I remember thinking that I now understood how some women can go shoe shopping as a stress reliever. Because going home to play with my dogs with their new toys, and do some training with the new treats absolutely brightened my day. Their happiness is infectious. After a short time, I’d forgotten all about my bad day and bad mood. It was just me and the dogs, and all was right with the world =)

KimAndHolly says:

Holly brightens my day always 🙂 She always greets me after being gone at work all day as if she hasn’t seen me in years, and even the worst of days is made better coming home to her unending cheer! But my mornings are the best…each morning, no matter how grumpy of a mood I wake up in, Holly can change that with how she greets me. She rubs her body along the side of the bed and then UNDER my legs as I go to stand up. Back and forth between my legs and the bed she goes making Ooooh’ing noises 🙂 SO CUTE!

Hdsheena says:

My dog wakes me up every morning by making me smile. He climbs up and gently puts his chin on my shoulder and snuffles my face. As soon as he believes I’m awake, he leaps with joy and zips around waiting for me to get up!