Broad Jump Entry

Correct entry to a broad or long jump is just as essential as proper entry to weave poles.

From the side, the broad jump is a lopsided long jump, and the dog shrugs and says ‘okay’ and jumps it- or tries, in the case of small dogs. Viewed straight on the jump is higher in back and shorter in front- a ramp perhaps? Dogs have been known to take the broad jump as a stairway to heaven and run straight up it.

Your dog needs to make sense of these discriminatory views, and to jump the obstacle squarely- between the jump standards on each corner. In order for the dog to do this you need to ensure you guide him to the correct entrance- the front and middle of the jump. Get your dog used to entering there, and then beginning sending him over from ‘around the clock’. It’s especially important to be patient and go slowly here so that your dog is rewarded for a clean jump between the marker poles.

Broad jumps aren’t practiced much, and are seen in competition a lot. Get your practice in!