Dog Agility Training Options for Small Dogs

Whether you have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier or short legged Corgi, there are options for training and competing in dog agility in a format designed just for dogs under 20 inches at the shoulder. It can also be a great option for older dogs under 20 inches that can no longer tackle a standard sized course.

TDAA- teacup dog agility association– is the agility organization that caters to the big personalities competitive spirit of small dogs. Those new to the teacup realm will often gasp and exclaim, “Oh, that’s so cute!” but make no mistake, the competition is just as strong as standard clubs and as supportive of all teams seeking to have fun or pursuing competition. Affordable Agility carries its’ own line of TDAA competition and practice equipment, from pint-sized jumps to a wonderful dogwalk. Making working with your teacup and small dogs fun and affordable whether you are in it for the fun or the competition.

“The purpose of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association is to provide a competitive venue for dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree” (Bud Houston, a founder of TDAA). Size of your dog shouldn’t stop your team from enjoying our great sport and Affordable Agility is proud to offer every small dog their own proportional equipment! Build with the same quality materials and workmanship of all our equipment, your small dog will get the same miles from their equipment as the big dogs. The added benefit to your equipment is that it meets TDAA requirements so you don’t need to worry about adjustments when you go to compete. It ensures that your dog is learning and perfecting their style on equipment that is just right for them. And, yes, it is cute watching your dog perform on equipment that matches their size.

At a TDAA trial, your small dogs run on courses and equipment that allows them to showcase their skills to their fullest. Opposed to running on standard courses which slow small dogs due to the distances set to keep larger dogs safe, TDAA courses can challenge your dog at the same level as larger dogs on standard courses. Standard courses may allow your small dog to reach faster ground speeds, they cannot challenge your dog’s skills with tight turns and difficult lines like the TDAA courses can.

When you play in TDAA, it can also be more fun and rewarding for tiny dogs that are fearful of the daunting equipment heights on standard courses allowing you and your dog to enjoy your runs to their fullest. It also keeps your tiny teammate safer and more confident on course, two of your top priorities when running dog agility. If you’re looking for TDAA in your area, check here.